Texcellent Privacy Policy

Texcellent does not sell or disclose any information about its students. Texcellent does not sell advertising on its corporate site. In addition, Texcellent will not share or release student information to anyone.

Information on our students is obtained through online data entry, faxes and e-mails. The State funding application forms require students to give us personally identifiable information such as name, e-mail address and Social Security Number. The state requires student’s SSN in order to verify that taxes have been paid on the student’s behalf, by their employer. The State funding agency needs to verify this in order to release funding for the student. The SSN is the only means for the State Agency to verify this information. To safeguard SSN data, Texcellent asks the students to only enter the last four digits in the paper forms and enter the entire SSN directly into the online system where it is encrypted before it is stored.

Texcellent understands the sensitivity of this personal information and uses the submitted information strictly to apply for training funding for the student and for no other purpose. Texcellent maintains all student information in strict confidence and destroys the student submitted forms after submitting the information to the State.