Python Programming

Sep-10-2019 to Oct-10-2019 (Tue/Thu, 6:15pm – 10:15pm PT)


Lab Setup and Software Downloads

1. To do the Python lab exercises, you will need a machine with the following specs. If you do not have a PC or Mac that meets these specs at home, consider using your work machine and make it available to you during the class using remote access.

*Processor:  Pentium 4 or up.

*Memory: 2GB RAM

*Disk Space: 80GB of free hard drive space

*OS: XP, Vista or Windows7 and up. OSX for Mac.


2. Anaconda (Choose for Python 3.6) for IDE. Please download it from:


Class Expectations Form, Class Material and Class Feedback URL

  1. On the first day of class, please fill out the Course Expectation form here:
  1. You can download class materials from this location:

Please follow steps below to download class materials.

  • Use Chrome or Firefox browsers. There is a known issue with IE.
  • You may encounter an Internal Server Error/Error 500 when you try to access your class notes. There is a known issue with Google Docs that Google is working on fixing. Till then, you need to log into your gmail account to see the shared documents. If you do not have a gmail account, please create one. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we are trying to make the best of the situation.

3. Please give us feedback on this class by filling out the short survey here: Although we welcome your feedback at any time, be sure to fill it out at the end of the class.


Zoom Setup

  1. Texcellent Live Online Classes uses Zoom for screen sharing and audio communication. Before you log into the classroom, hook up your headsets and ensure both the microphone and speakers are working correctly.
  1. You will need a PC headset equipped with a microphone to talk to the teacher. Using the external microphone or the microphone built into the laptop introduces echo into the classroom and is disruptive to the class. In order to ensure a successful class, Texcellent Tech Support will only give voice privilege to those users who have headsets and have properly configured them. If your microphone causes an echo, Texcellent will revoke your voice privilege.
  1. When you log into Zoom to attend your class, you will have the option of choosing “Use Computer to call in” or “Use phone to call in”. Choosing “Use Computer” will allow you to listen to and talk to your teacher using your headsets. When not talking to your teacher, please mute your microphone by clicking on the mic icon in the User Interface. This will prevent your ambient noise from disrupting the class. If your microphone is on and it disrupts the class, your microphone privilege will be taken away. In the event VOIP connectivity is poor, as a fallback option, you should switch over to “Use phone to call in” and dial into the Conference call number listed.

In case of Zoom connection or audio issues, please follow the steps below:

  1. Join the meeting using microphone and speakers option first. If it does not work, dial in using your phone. If at any time during class your audio is not clear, ask by chat if anyone else is having audio issues. If you are the only person, then your Internet connection is faulty. Switch over to phone audio and dial in.
  1. If you are attending the class from work and cannot connect to the class (you see the message “Connecting….” but nothing happens), it is most likely due to ports being blocked by your Corporate Firewall. If this happens, use your mobile device to download the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” App, shut down your Wifi (to avoid the same firewall issues and to use your provider’s network instead), enter the meeting ID and password from above to join the class. Please provide this link to your IT support and request them to open up the ports mentioned in this document:
  1. For detailed Zoom troubleshooting tips, please review:


Important Legal Information

  1. Per State of California regulations, when you log in to your online class, you must use your full official name, as it appears in the ETP forms and the Learning Management System (LMS). Your first name and last name must be in display in the Attendee List at all times. This will allow ETP to identify you when they audit the class. ETP has the authority to audit the class at any time. If you need to change your name after the class has already started, log out and log back in with the correct name.
  1. Per State of California regulations, you can log in from only one computer. You are the only person authorized to attend this ETP funded training. Under California law, it is illegal for you to share this information with anyone else. Any unauthorized access to the training class will be reported (along with IP Address information) and their class session will be terminated immediately.


Technical support

For technical issues, call Texcellent support at 949-529-1315.