California ETP Training Enrollment Forms

After years of providing State-funded IT Training as a subcontractor, in order to better serve our students, Texcellent has entered into a direct contract with the State of California’s Employment Training Panel. This change has required us to become a Vocational School licensed by the State’s Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). Our commitment to bring you high quality, state-funded IT Training, which we have delivered since 2017, remains the same. However, since we have to follow the rules and regulations of BPPE, there are additional forms that you have to fill out. If you are a returning student, that is a change you will notice.

Trainees need to fill out and fax/email the following forms a week before class starts. Unless we have all the forms from you, we cannot guarantee a spot in the class. If you would like to scan and email your forms as PDF documents, please email them to: << training at >> (We have to spell it out to avoid spam)

Company Form:

Certification Statement (100E) Form. (This form cannot be downloaded. We will email it to you.)

Student Forms:

  1. Class enrollment forms (will be sent to you by email for your e-signature).
  2. Copy of the most recent pay stub. This is required to confirm your employer, to ensure you make over $19.31 per hour ($38,620 per year) and that you pay California taxes. If you are concerned about any private information on your pay stub, you may blacken it. To confirm your eligibility, we still need to see your name, company name, company address, your salary and California taxes deducted from your pay. (If your most recent enrollment has occurred more than six months back, you will have to resubmit)
  3. Proof of High School Education (Yes, this is a strange requirement considering that you are already employed as an IT worker. However, we have no choice but to follow the rules). Provide any ONE of the following:
  • A copy of your High School Diploma or a copy of your High School transcript showing “Graduated” status (ONLY if you did your High School in the US) OR
  • A copy of your diploma proving the highest post-secondary degree you received (AA, BS, MS or PhD, ONLY if you received the degree in the US) OR
  • A copy of any transcript while you were enrolled in a post-secondary degree (AA, BS, MS or PhD), in an institution in the USA only. This proves your completion of High School based on which the said institution allowed you to enroll OR
  • If your highest degree was obtained outside the US, please provide the Credential Evaluation Report equivalency of foreign degrees with education in the US (in case you have obtained the Credential Evaluation Report to live/work in the US) OR
  • Take an online exam to document that you have the skills equivalent to a High School graduate. Please let us know right away if you need us to arrange this examination.
  • If you have misplaced your High School Diploma/Transcript, go to your High School/School District’s website to order a replacement.

If you wish to receive the monthly class schedule as an email, please sign up here.