Networking Fundamentals

Gain a strong foundation of basic networking concepts such as network functions, standards, and protocols. This course will prepare you to tackle advanced networking skills including TCP/IP, security, wireless integration, and Voice over IP.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of computers, OS and network connections.

Course content:

IP addressing and how to create subnets
How TCP/IP works and how to configure it on various devices
Capture and view network traffic using a protocol analyzer
Wireless network options available
Basic security and firewall issues
How Ethernet works and how all of the various forms can be connected
Basics of layered network protocols
Difference between logical and physical network segments
How VLANs function
When and how to use NAT
Function of various routing protocols such as RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF
An overview of WAN technologies
Functions of NetBIOS and NetBEUI

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