Linux Shell Scripting

Learn effective methods to create and use Linux shell scripts and utilities. Shell scripts are the key to becoming a productive Linux system administrator. During this course you will write simple programs that demonstrate your ability to write shell scripts.

Prerequisites: Have working knowledge of UNIX or Linux, including the use of the vi/vim editor, manipulating files and directories, basic variables, piping and redirection, and the find and grep commands.

Course content:

How to write shell scripts, Variables in shell, shell Arithmetic
Redirection of Standard output/input, pipes and filters
Structured Language Constructs and decision making in shell script
If…else…fi, nested ifs, for loop, case Statement
Advanced Shell Scripting and functions
sed utility – Editing file without using editor
Learning expressions with ex
Getting started with awk – arithmetic and variables in awk
Shell Scripts Logic Development:
User interface and Functions in shell script
Shell scripts for System Administration

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