Introduction to Juniper Networks

Course content:

– Review on network fundamentals:
Network devices, IPv4/IPv6, L2 Technologies, L3 Addresses, OSI/TCP Protocols, Optical Networking Foundations.
– JUNOS OS Fundamentals:
Juniper Device Families, Software Architecture, Control and Forwarding Planes, Daemons, Transit/Exception  traffic
– User Interfaces: J
CLI modes and navigation, Output filtering, configuration modes, configuration file management, J-Web.
– JUNOS Configuration Basics
Initial configuration, user accounts, login clases, authentication, configuration groups, logging and trace options, interface types and properties.
– Operational Monitoring and maintenance
Show commands, monitor commands, interface stats and erros, software installation and upgrades, network tools, password recovery procedure.
– Routing Fundamentals in JUNOS
Packet forwarding, routing tables, forwarding table, routing instances, router preference, static routing, dynamic routing protocols.
– Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

Import/Export policies, policy flow and effects on routing tables, firewall filter concepts, firewalls filter configuration, uRPF.

System Requirements:

– At least 4 GB RAM, recommended 8 GB
– At least 10 GB available disk space,
– i3 processor minimum, recommended i5 processor
– Oracle VirtualBox installed

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