Advanced Programming in C#

Course content:

  • Stop reinventing the wheel.  Make use of design patterns!
  • Chain of Responsibility, Decorator, Factories
  • Learn how to benchmark code for better performance
  • How to use the three types of Dependency Injection
  • Make better use of computer by writing multi-threaded programs

Book Information: Teacher will provide course material and recommend reference books.

Description: Continuing from C# Level II, this class gets students familiar with more advanced applications of design. Students are given more thorough insight into design patterns and opportunity for hands-on programming implementing those design patterns. Students are given more in-depth understanding of inheritance versus composition. Patterns such as Chain of Responsibility, Singleton, Decorator and others will provide the student an arsenal of tools to use for a multitude of projects. Dependency Injection will help decouple program design, making the design flexible for change and growth.  The course wraps up with multi-threaded techniques which allow code to utilize multiple processors.

Prerequisite: 6-12 months professional experience or attendance/completion to C# Level II.

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