Intermediate Programming in C#

Course content:

  • Build flexible code by separating concerns demonstrated with MVP pattern
  • Program to an interface and not to an implementation
  • Reduce regression testing by adhering to the Open/Close Principle
  • Effective use of interfaces, concrete classes and abstract classes
  • Conduct powerful manipulations of data with LINQ
  • Use built-in features of .NET framework, reducing time to production

Book Information: Teacher will provide course material and recommend reference books.

Description: Continuing from C# Level I, this course is designed to take individuals with some self-taught or introductory experience to the next level of C# competency. Students are taught more advanced techniques of working with classes, proper data abstraction methods using enumerations and collections, more advanced string handling techniques and file manipulation practices.  They are introduced to the MVP design pattern and given examples/hands-on experience creating software solutions that are more abstracted by implementing the principle of coding to the abstraction and not to an implementation.  This course will provide an introduction to LINQ, an amazing querying feature built into the language!

Prerequisite: 3-6 months professional experience or attendance/completion to C# Level I.

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