Programming in C#

Course content:

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming
  • Introduction to software engineering concepts and principles
  • In-depth training on using Visual Studios like an expert
  • Build a solid foundation to C# language and best practices
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation
  • Components and Assembly Deployment

Book Information: Teacher will provide course material and recommend reference books.

Description: Students will become familiar with or refresh their understanding of Object-Oriented design and programming. Using games and utility type programs, students dive in with objects and classes, more effective use of Visual Studio 2010, and how to build programs like Lego blocks instead of spaghetti code. By the time the student has completed this course they will be able to encapsulate their design, reuse code, and make use of existing code. Students will also understand the importance of high cohesion and low coupling, the DRY Principle and how to extract software components from software requirements. This course is self-contained but properly prepares the student for the next course in this series.

Prerequisite:  No prerequisite required.

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