Some of you informed us that emails from Texcellent are going into your spam folder. This is especially an issue with those students and teachers who are using personal or business Gmail accounts (business Gmail accounts are those that have your company’s domain name, but are hosted by Google). Per Google’s recommendation, please go through the following steps to create a filter that will ensure that messages sent from Texcellent will not land in the spam folder. This will allow you to receive Class Login Instructions and other emails without any hindrance.

It is a simple four step process that takes less than five minutes. Lets get started:

1. Open your Gmail Inbox.

Figure 1 (Gear -> Settings)

2. As seen in Figure 1, click on the Gear symbol on the far right and choose “Settings” in the menu.

Figure 2 (Filters -> Create a new filter)
Filter 2

3. As seen in Figure 2, choose “Filters” in the top menu and click on “Create a new filter” link at the bottom.

Figure 3 (Create a filter for

4. As seen in Figure 3, enter “” in the “From” field and click on “Create filter with this search” at the bottom right.

Figure 4 (Mark the two check boxes)
Image 4

5. As seen in Figure 4, mark the two check boxes “Never send it to Spam” and “Also apply filter to XX matching conversations.” Finally, you will see a conformation message stating “Filter created”, as seen in Figure 5 below.

Figure 5 (Filter created)
Filter 5